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Has an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol left you feeling powerless and defeated? There is a way to break free from addiction, and it is through detox and rehab at a rehab center filled with experienced and compassionate staff members and physicians. At Utica drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, we understand the difficult road that is substance addition and we are dedicated to walking through each step of treatment and recovery with you in order to see you get well. Our physicians and therapists specialize in addiction, dual diagnosis and more, making sure you get the help you need not only for an addiction issue, but also any underlying health issue.

Upon entering the Utica drug addiction treatment program, you will have a full physical and psychological exam by one of our trusted physicians. Our team will use the information from your exam to help create a personalized treatment program that will work for your specific needs. Because each plan is truly customized, it is crucial for you to provide as much information as possible about your addiction to our medical team during your exam. The plan created will contain treatments and therapies for any emotional, physical and psychological issue you are struggling with. Our goal is to provide help and healing in multiple areas so you can get on the road to recovery and discover a healthy and fulfilling life.

Detox at an Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Typically, the first step when someone commits to our Utica alcohol and drug rehab program, is to rid the body of any offending substances. This is known as detox, and undergoing detox in a rehabilitation center is the safest option available. While some people try to detox on their own, this can actually be life threatening. You see, certain drugs and alcohol can have withdrawal symptoms that can be severe or cause severe symptoms.

Because our medical team will be aware of what substances you were using -- through the information provided during your initial exam -- they will know what signs and symptoms to look out for while you are detoxing. They can also provide you with medication to lessen withdrawal symptoms and stop any severe reactions from the withdrawal. You can be at peace knowing you are in the hands of experienced and caring professionals who want to get you through the detox process quickly and safely, so you can move on to the rehabilitation portion of your program.

Rehabilitation at Utica Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Once you have completed detox at our Utica drug addiction treatment center, it will be time to move forward into your comprehensive rehabilitation program. Treatment programs vary in length (30 to 90 days, and up to a year in some cases), and in program style (inpatient vs. outpatient). For people suffering with severe addiction issues, or who have a mental health disorder along with the addiction (called dual-diagnosis), The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a drug or alcohol treatment program of no less than 90 days.

Upon speaking with our team during your evaluation, a specific treatment program will be made to help get you on the road to recovery. During treatment, you will interact with other people who are on a similar journey as you, and over time friendships, support and encouragement begin to take place. You will experience one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions, learn relapse prevention strategies, life skills, and about the importance of aftercare programs.

Some programs may also involve the use of alternative therapies such as:

  • Art/Music/Nature therapy
  • Yoga/Fitness opportunities
  • Nutrition and diet programs, as many people suffering from addiction are malnourished
  • Prayer/Meditation/Mindfulness techniques

A wide variety of skills and techniques will be learned during your time in treatment, so you can successfully stay on track when it is time for you to enter back into the real world. Sober living homes and aftercare programs will be of great use to use during your time after treatment, so be sure to learn as much as you can about them and utilize their services.

At Utica drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, we want to help you free yourself from a life of addiction. Take that bold first step and reach out to us today at 315-790-6663 to learn about a treatment program for your needs. Visit us at www.Uticadrugrehabcenters.com to learn more about our detox, rehab and treatment programs available to you.

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