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At our inpatient rehab in Utica at Drug Rehab Centers, we recommend residential care for important evidence-based reasons.

When you decide to address an addiction, you have two alternatives in the kind of rehab that you sign up for. You can either receive treatment as an outpatient, coming in for a couple of hours each day, or check in at a residential facility for anything from a month to several months, depending on the depth of the treatment programs in Utica. It can be a challenge understanding what to do.

If you need help making a choice, however, the ideas below can help you. When you're ready to make your move, you should feel free to call us.

What Happens with Inpatient Rehab?

When you check into an inpatient rehab center, you temporarily leave your life and the outside world behind. You enter an environment where you know that your only job, and the job of everyone around you, is to address the addiction on hand. Defeating addiction is hands-down the most difficult undertaking anyone is ever likely to encounter in life. Considering the seriousness of the challenge, deciding to focus exclusively on it is a good way to ensure success.

Patient evaluation during admission: Personalized care is at the core of the inpatient approach, and it is evident at the admission stage. Each patient receives a thorough mental and physical evaluation. The information obtained is used in many important ways.

Patients with concurrent mental disorders are offered integrated psychiatric care, an important part of successful treatment. If years of addiction have caused cardiac, renal or biliary complications, these are taken into account for every detoxification or other prescription to follow, as well.

The detoxification process: The process of drug detox in Utica can produce painful and dangerous effects. While patients accepting outpatient treatment do receive preventive care for these effects, they are nowhere near as thorough as the treatment offered in inpatient care, where doctors are able to closely observe patients. Patients stay safer, and experience less stress. Since fear of pain tends to keep millions of addicts away from even considering detox, the promise of a pain-free experience can be a great motivator.

For patients who experience complications — concurrent mental disorder, signs of violence or suicide — inpatient detox can be the far safer option to choose.

Relapse prevention: Addiction is a lifelong mental disorder. Outpatient and inpatient rehab programs don't so much aim to cure addiction as to help addicts successfully manage symptoms. Relapse prevention is psychological therapy that helps patients learn the skills that they need to anticipate and avoid cravings, and address flaws in their psychological preparedness for the stresses of life.

Inpatient Rehab is Important

It is certainly possible to deliver the therapy of relapse prevention on an outpatient basis. Many rehabs offer intensive programs to such patients. Nevertheless, they do not approach the intensity available on inpatient rehab in Utica. Typically, inpatient participants receive three times as much therapy.

A number of studies exist today, pointing to better outcomes for inpatient care. Addicts who graduate from inpatient rehab centers are seen to relapse less often, function better in social settings, and to live longer.

In the United States, inpatient rehab programs have tended towards short periods of stay for inpatient rehab. Randomized trials, however, have found that longer periods of stay correlate with far better outcomes. It can help to read up about these results, and truly understand the inpatient treatment process before you actually make a choice.

Seek Treatment at Our Inpatient Rehab in Utica

It's important to assess each rehab that you may go to for quality of services rendered. With loose regulatory oversight, many rehabs offer outdated care, or care that isn't properly overseen for quality. Our drug rehab in Utica do not exhibit these conditions.

Learning as much as you can about the rehab process, reading reviews, consulting with other families in the area through online forums and speaking to local experts can all help in the search. At our inpatient rehab in Utica, we are always glad to help patients and their families who have any questions, too. If you need to speak to an expert, do call us at (877) 804-1531.

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