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At Drug Rehab Centers, we offer some of the most up-to-date treatments in drug detox in Utica, and we frequently have families ask us about the DIY option.

To many who are unfamiliar with the ways in which addiction works, the idea of quitting an addictive habit at home can seem doable. They tend to believe that all they need to do is to mentally prepare themselves to accept discomfort for a few days as the body cleanses itself; they believe they should be home free, having spent nothing on the process at all. Forums frequented by drug users are full of such stories, and many wonder why they couldn't try it, themselves.

The truth is, detoxifying without medical supervision is a dangerously misguided idea. While some people do detoxify on their own, these aren't results that can be replicated. If you are serious about quitting drugs, we recommend that you call us to talk to us about it. It could also help to read an explanation of why medically supervised drug detox programs are essential.

Why is Detoxification Dangerous?

While addicts tend to like the sense of empowerment that it gives them to take their treatment into their own hands, it isn't an idea that works every time. To understand why, it's important to understand something about what addiction and detoxification really are.

Addictive substances produce the pleasant feelings that they do by acting on a very important part of the brain called the reward center. Among other things, this region of the brain is responsible for feelings of well-being and motivation. When drugs repeatedly interfere with control of the reward center, the brain accommodates it by yielding control. At this point, the brain is in a position where it needs drugs simply to function.

When drugs are withdrawn in a detoxification attempt, however, the reward center is left with no control mechanism. The brain attempts to reassert control, but the process takes days. For the duration of the process, the brain must suffer erratic behavior. This can result in some dangerous effects called withdrawal symptoms. They can range from agitation and anxiety to insomnia, convulsions, seizures and hallucinations. With certain addictive substances, these effects can cause death.

Experts at our center for drug detox in Utica often caution patients that exercising care during detoxification is clearly not merely about discomfort. Instead, it is about patient health and safety. Before anyone is tempted into accepting any of the DIY detox advice that fills drug user forums, it's important to remember that these forums are also filled with other dangerous advice on how to mix and match drugs, and push personal limits close to overdose. Advice available on drug user forums tends to be by and for those who like dangerous games.

Medically Supervised Drug Detox is the Answer

Detoxification, whether achieved through a gradual taper or abrupt cessation, requires medical supervision. When addicts begin treatment programs in Utica, experts oversee the process closely to ensure that painful or dangerous symptoms are adequately answered with medications.

Both anxiety and seizures are treated with benzodiazepines. Agitation and sleeplessness are calmed with natural sleep medications, and pain is addressed with non-opioid painkillers. When there are serious cravings, doctors administer replacement drugs such as Suboxone and methadone, medications that are specifically designed to kill cravings and block the effects of addictive substances.

With such medical intervention, detoxification addicts are assured a safe, reliable and pain-free path out of addiction. It leaves both the body and brain better condition than an unsupervised detoxification would allow, and helps put the patient on a path to lifelong freedom from drugs.

What Are Detox Kits?

Detox kits are simple products sold at pharmacies and supermarkets. They come with all-natural herbal cleansers to help cleanse the body of the effects of marijuana. These kits tend to be barely effective with that drug, and are completely ineffective with the much stronger effects of alcohol withdrawal in Utica. Detoxing with one of these drugs does not offer the relief possible with special painkillers, anxiolytics or replacement drugs available in medically supervised rehab. Withdrawal effects are allowed full play, as well.

Choosing Between Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Many drug detox centers offer an outpatient option for addicts interested in detoxifying. It's possible to look up statistics that report positively on the outcomes achieved at these places. Outpatient care finds favor among many because it costs less and requires less time. It's important to understand, however, statistics tend to be misleading. The success of a rehab program should be measured by proof of long-term sobriety. By this measure, inpatient rehab in Utica is more effective at ensuring full recovery.

It makes sense to consider inpatient care, a care option that gives addicts the best possible chance of recovery. Treatment is assisted personalized treatment plans and medically trained experts to help with every complication — mental disorders, psychological disorders and health challenges.

For anyone who can afford it, detoxifying in an inpatient setting is the scientifically valid option. At Drug Rehab Centers, we offer the most advanced evidence-backed drug detox in Utica, and we have helped patients with excellent results for years. If you would like to talk to one of our experts, do call us at (877) 804-1531.

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