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As leading experts in drug intervention in Utica, we know what it feels like to someone planning a conversation with a loved one about an addiction. People who are addicted tend to be very good at denial and at manipulative arguments, and talking to them about something that is life-and-death can be scary.

There's something that you need to realize, however — you don't need to expect so much of the conversation. What you really need to pin your hopes on is a successful intervention. Nine out of 10 times, interventions, when correctly done, are successful. You do need advice on how to plan such an intervention though. For this, you can always call us.

Understanding Why Interventions are Needed

Addicts routinely deny that they are in any trouble. They don't lie, however. In their minds, addicts honestly do not see what the fuss is about even as their life collapses around them. This can happen because addiction is able to cause damage to the brain's capacity for self-awareness. A mental illness may even be possible according to dual diagnosis in Utica. To attempt direct reason with an addict, then, simply cannot work. You need to roll out the heavy artillery. For a loved one trapped in addiction, that would be an intervention — a group formed of many who care, and harbor concern.

The problem, however, is that for those who aren't familiar with the science of addiction, addicts can be impossible to deal with. Success at an intervention comes through preparing with a professional in charge — an interventionist.

How Much Can Go Wrong With a DIY intervention?

Everything can go wrong with an intervention that isn't correctly planned and arranged. Here are possibilities to consider:

A participant may think addiction is the addict's fault: It's natural to think that someone who ruins their life on a drug is irresponsible and morally bankrupt. The truth is, however, that addiction is a disease, and addicts are victims. People become addicts because of their genetics, their psychological inadequacies and their mental disorders. If someone in the group with an inadequate grasp of the nature of addiction says something accusatory, they will end up driving the addict away.

You go in without preparation: When you aren't aware of how addicts think and argue, you simply don't have comebacks for their assertions. An addict can casually throw up defenses about how they've had a hard life, that no one else has a right to judge, that everyone in the intervention group has done terrible things too, that it's their life and their money, and that famous achievers from Steve Jobs of Apple to Francis Crick of Nobel fame have sung the praises of drugs.

It's important to understand that you cannot head into a drug intervention without thorough preparation of how to handle such arguments.

Bringing in a Professional

Expert interventionists are able to turn the frightening prospect of an unplanned intervention into one where it's the concerned family that's in charge, not the addict. At our organization for drug intervention in Utica, our experts had years of experience.

They help families learn about addiction, they prepare them to set their emotions aside and focus on the goal at hand, and they rehearse everyone to perfection. It is with such an approach that a drug intervention for addiction actually becomes a tool for success.

Creating Your Own Intervention

Just as with litigation, you can either hire an expert or do it yourself if you are able to put in the hard work needed. You will need to read up, practice, talk to others who've been through such experiences, talk to experts and watch videos online of how drug interventions for addiction are conducted. With enough work, success can be yours.

Act Sooner than Later

Addictions get worse each day that they are allowed to persist. Many families make the mistake of putting off their plans for an intervention until they see their loved one hit rock bottom. They believe that it's at such a time that an intervention is most likely to work.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, however. The more entrenched an addiction is, the harder it is to correct. Get your loved one to an inpatient rehab in Utica as soon as possible.

Our center for drug intervention in Utica offers some of the most highly trained interventionists in the industry, and it would make sense to bring one in. If you feel that it's important to go into an intervention prepared for anything, call us at (877) 804-1531.

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